How It Works

Coinflow is offering a full-service mining solution and inviting other miners to join their expansion. Services include the design, selection, installation, configuration, operation, security, maintenance and support of each mining facility.

Coinflow and it’s partners will enter into a Master Services Agreement whereby Coinflow will be the day-to-day operator.

Step 1

Preparing for Your
Miner Investment

In the first stage of our process, we have you choose how many miners you would like to host with us. By indicating the amount, we are able to provide you with an accurate pricing quote. It is important to note that by selecting a certain amount of miners at this stage of the process; you will not be locked into that many and can always host more with us as you wish.

Step 2

Filling Out
The Application

Next, you need to fill out our online Bitcoin Mining Application Form. During this step you are asked for some basic information such as your address and your contact details. The information that you provide during this step helps us determine how many miners will fit within our facilities and at what price.

As we assess this, it may be necessary to contact you directly to gather some additional information in order to move forward with your application. When we evaluate your financial parameters and personal mining needs, we are able to paint a clearer picture for which package will be a good choice for you moving forward.

Step 3

Miner Delivery
And Installation Status

After the first two stages are complete, we are then able to process your application and provide a full quote on the estimated time for your miner to be ready to mine. After you have reviewed the contract and made your initial down payment, you can then access your dashboard to follow the progress of your order.

At CoinFlow®, we believe that having no technical knowledge of mining cryptocurrencies should not interfere with being apart of this amazing industry. We are highly committed to offering you the highest quality crypto mining service there is, and be completely transparent with our operations.

CoinFlow Will Provide Everything

Automatic setup of your mining equipment

  • instant (24 hour) miner setup upon delivery
  • hardware configuration (including BIOS selection and flashing, and timings adjustment)
  • operating system configuration
  • mining software configuration

Comprehensive mine management solution

  • detailed hardware monitoring (for both entire machines and individual cards)
  • complete operating history and performance analysis
  • automated emergency response
  • automatic modification of operating parameters
  • malfunction notifications
  • profitability control and report generation

Continuous performance optimization

  • dynamic adjustment of hardware and software configuration
  • automatic selection of currencies to mine
  • automatic selection of mining pools to join
  • automatic wallet management